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Our Philosophy

We work according to the following principles:

The client receives a product, that he can adapt or let adapt without big efforts according to his wishes to the changes in his enviroment, without destroying old structures. So he can use the gained and created information for a long duration for his company.

The client receives a documentation to the delivered product and if necessary an training by which he can help himself, e.g. to save costs, for changes, that do not demand high PHP programmin knowledges.

Saving Resources:
The programm codes and database tables are so designed that they have a preferably few requirements to the RAM and that the number and complexity of the database queries are as low as suitable.

Client is King:
"K r i s t a l l" is a name element in name of the originally founded firm. In former times this company mainly traded with glass and bone china. The founder, has practised an excellent and correct behaviour to his clients and always followed their wishes. This principle he transfered to his successors and finds its mark not only in the name of the company. "K r i s t a l l" also stands for complex but clear structures.
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