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Terms Of Use

Important! This is a translation of the corresponding german text version. In cases of any doubts and misunderstandings concerning this translation the intented content of the german version is valid.

Here, in the Terms Of Use it is regulated, what a user has to take care about, what rights and obligations a he has and how is the relationship to the responsible operator of this website. By using this website, the user accepts the Terms Of Use of this website.

An user is a visitor of this website, regardless of time, place and access techniques and frequency of his visit.
The user has the right to receive the information, which provides the responsible operator of this website in this website. Responsible for this website is the responsible operator of the site named in the imprint. The user has not the right to modify this website, it´s content and design or to transport it into other publications of any kind. The user has the obligation to use this website only in compliance with the law and order and in accordance with the good manners.
By the visit of this website the user accepts all the exclusions of the liability as described under the menu point "Legal Issues | Disclaimer " or please click here.
The user is asked to report immediately identified misuse of this website to the operator of the website mentioned in the imprint.

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