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Web Applications:
We, the Hartmann Kristall Media Innovations GmbH (HKMI) mainly offer to integrate special wishes in PHP on WordPress-Websites. Web site operators can get written by us forms, reports, and a variety of other applications that are coded in PHP with database connection and we includes them in your WordPress web pages. Of course we also show our clients how to embed them.

But it does not need to be neccessarily only WordPress. We also write and integrate your special wishes as PHP pages in other Content Management System (CMS) than WordPress. Furthermore the we also offer the creating of complete individual web applications in PHP, MySQLi, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. We also offer the translation of already existing tools, in a web application and to intergrate it in your web site or special CMS-System. Such tools can be traditional used Excel- , OpenOffice- or Visual Basic - files or also whole systems out of it, escpecially from the accounting/controlling/administration or engineer field or also others.

- Even if they are very complex. -

Please find here what we can make for you, among much other examples - as own website or as integration into you WordPress page or other CMS:

• Employee Schedule

• Holiday Planner

• Overtime Administration

• Staff Administration

• Bookkeeping and Accounting Export

• Automatically Creation of Booking Receipts

• Concern Consolidation System

• Consolidated Annual Reporting System (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, Equity Change Calculation, Segment Reports)

• Cost Accounting (Cost Object Accounting, Cost Unit Accounting, Full Cost Accounting, Direct Cost Accounting)

• Target-Performance Comparision

• Recalculation HGB (German Trade Law) into International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

• Tax Conversion Evidence Calculations

• Calculation of the Deferred Taxes

• Project Administration, -Planning, -Controlling

• Cash Flow Calculation and Financial Means Disposition Tools

• Billing Administration

• Concern Budgeting System with Scenario Administration

• Interface Programming for Special Evaluations

• Individual Management Informations and Alert Systems ("Traffic-Light" -Analysis)
and much more

We also offer to translate your website by native speaker into German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian for very low prices.

Change with us your confuse Excel systems into a clear structured, continously enlargeable administration system on a webapplication basis. Impress your auditors. Thus avoid redundant Data, enjoy the access to your treasurey 24hrs from everywhere where you have internet connection. PC and mobile!

The advantages are enormous: OS independent, browser independent, by PC, tablet and smartphone useable and last but not least for all needed software there are open-source and freeware available (OS, browser, FTP programms, e-mail programms). And naturally high flexible and spontaneous integration into your operational process structures.

Doing this your project benefit from the longterm proven special knowledge of the HKMI. Knowledge from the annual finance reporting-, concern consolidation-, finance- and controlling field and from administration. We, the HKMI also offer the maintenance of already installed webapplications.

Also the HKMI offers the writing of interfaces from existing systems to the webapplication.

Of course the HKMI writes and services also home pages.
Data Operation:
The HKMI also offers the qualificated, structured and recorded enter of data. Doing this in advance the structure of the data will be analysed, the most optimal enter process will be searched and the recording form, -structure and -medium determined. Here a process of eventually data change during the enter of the data is recognised. Finally the data checking routine will be developed and decided. The data will be entered and checked. The client get offered a check out date and get handed out a data entering report and a data checking report.

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